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Moon Face and Steroids

moon face from anabolic steroids

Originally Posted by Elvia Originally Posted by Misery Originally Posted by Malave Even more chiseled than before my first cycle.

Moon Face? Can you make it go away?

Originally Posted by tee Take a picture of yourself and steroivs at it. Switch to Threaded Mode. Results 1 to 17 of I think your response should have been "don't moon face from anabolic steroids dad I shall run a TRT dose of testosterone next time and run higher trenbolone. So i am currently on a test only cycle mg a week, but with test diana ballonnen atelier i always bloat! Test to an extent. Quote posted by PBateman.

There is no definitive answer however one of the more wide spread theories is it increases progestin, which ananolic very similar side effects of estrogen. I wouldn't worry about it cause like the fly said it'll go away off cycle. Hey man I found steroidshopuk pic! I run Adex moon face from anabolic steroids 0. Will probably kill you sex drive too.

Iamges: moon face from anabolic steroids

moon face from anabolic steroids

I began taking aas to get muscle mass and my weight back up after 2 bouts with cancer. No diet including atkins and very low carb could get back my old body. I might have setup that cycle just a tad differently, but nothing that would be a huge difference. That would completely tank my estro levels. I have abs but they are not well defined mostly bc i had a surgery where my abdomen was cut str8 down the middle and when sewn back off one side is lower then the other lol.. Switch to Threaded Mode.

moon face from anabolic steroids

I always run an ai stane while on cycle as a prevenitive measure. Tweet this thread Share on Facebook. High doses of test changes the shape of my face- not always a bloated look but almost more full even in a muscular sense. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Originally Posted by oscarjones. The next day my body was different all over from head to toe.

moon face from anabolic steroids

Posted Moon face from anabolic steroids TexasGiant 3 replies Yesterday, Most test ive done is mg week of prop and that face bloat is ridiclous but getting off the gear the only way out. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Users Browsing this Thread. There are currently i need testosterone shots users browsing this thread. Buying gear and suppl. I did switch to foods will very little sodium and this was the biggest difference.