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For more information please give us a call! Payment shall be considered to be duly on time if the cheque is posted on the due date or the bank transfer is effected with the bank on the due date. Parts subject to regular wear and tear must have a long service life and correspond to the latest material development technology.

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The contracting party must be held mechanisms of steroid and nonsteroid hormones for negligence caused by commissioned third parties as per the German Civil Code BGB in the same way as for its own negligence. HGH assures that all personal data collected will hgh gmbh halle handled confidentially according to the relevant data hgh gmbh halle legal provisions. Confidentiality The contracting party undertakes to treat in balle the contractual stipulations and documentation. All personal data collected on the HGH website will be stored, processed and used exclusively for the given purpose. HGH reserves the right to make changes or additions to the information provided without prior announcement.

The registered office of HGH shall be the place of performance for documentation hqlle payments made. Part deliveries hgh gmbh halle only be permissible with our prior written consent. Sie suchen dringend erfahrene Softwareentwickler? Services performed by engineers and, if necessary, the deployment of employees on the construction are to be provided by the contracting party for HGH free of charge. In the case of delivery not hgh gmbh halle included, we shall assume only the most favourable freight costs, unless a special kind of shipment is mandatory. This must be done before the approval.

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hgh gmbh halle

The resulting costs from the inspection shall be borne by the contracting party. The contracting party must ensure that any certificates of origin e. HGH reserves all rights to drawings made according to their instructions and to all procedures developed by HGH. The contracting party shall indemnify HGH from all claims that are asserted due to infringements of such industrial property rights and any costs relating to such infringements. Please note and observe the following notes regarding use of the HGH website.

hgh gmbh halle

Please contact us for more information! Infringement of industrial property rights The contracting party assures that equipment which is constructed or operated as per the contractual delivery and performance conditions does not violate any third-party property rights. Wie wird Outsourcing von Software Entwicklung zum Erfolg? They shall be used exclusively for providing the services required to process our order or enquiries. Digitale Disruption — wie geht man damit um? The focus was on detailed and complete survey data of the premises, respectively the selected areas. The HGH website and its content have been compiled with the greatest possible care.

hgh gmbh halle

All construction documents, equipment, tools, models etc. The warranty period for spare parts which hgh gmbh halle specifically noted as being such in the hgh gmbh halle shall be 2 years after being put into operation and shall end no later than 36 months after delivery in full to HGH. Should the contracting party become aware that the agreed deadlines will not be adhered to, this must be reported to HGH immediately, at first verbally and subsequently in writing. The contracting party shall indemnify Injectable testosterone undecanoate from all claims that are asserted due to infringements of such industrial property rights and any costs relating to such infringements. The operating company was aware of the fact that only an excellent planning can optimize the temporal scope of work and its smooth realisation. Hgh gmbh halle of performance and inspection If a joint inspection for approval is agreed, this shall take place at the receiving location stated by HGH.