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CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

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Pure CBD Lotion

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Life Agreement High Expansion with Brands Farms Through Michigan Wana National Licensing Continues



  • Life Agreement High Expansion with Brands Farms Through Michigan Wana National Licensing Continues
  • Pot Stocks, ETFs, Top News And Data From The Cannabis Industry This Week
  • ✏️ Notables.
  • Wana Brands Continues National Expansion Through Michigan Licensing Agreement with High Life Farms. Michigan is preparing for new. “We chose to license Wana products to High Life Farms because they Life Farms continues to solidify the edible brand's national expansion. Wana Brands Signs Michigan Licensing Deal with High Life Farms Life Farms continues to solidify the edible brand's national expansion.

    Life Agreement High Expansion with Brands Farms Through Michigan Wana National Licensing Continues

    Plymouth Township-based Adient Ltd. Strategic buyers weren't alone in amassing market share last year either. Boston-based private equity firm Thomas H.

    Experts believe Thomas H. Lee plans to roll out the Art Van brand to a wider geographic market in a fragmented industry ripe for such consolidation. Private equity is expected to remain strong in as well, Damschroder said, because firms continue to be very successful in raising funds thanks to a years-long trend in economic growth. The auto industry's breakneck pace of new launches — some suppliers expect to be involved in as many as new product launches in the next two years — is expected to cause financial distress among the supply base, providing lower prices and more opportunity for private equity takeovers, said Leonard LaRocca, partner of the deal advisory practice for KPMG LLP in Detroit.

    The trend of chasing, bidding and acquiring niche technology firms that can be used to expand, differentiate and exploit new markets is not expected to slow, LaRocca said. Everyone is getting more and more impacted by connectivity and the trends in the tech space. For instance, Kalamazoo's Stryker Corp. Deal structure is also changing, which expedited deals last year and is expected to this year as well, both LaRocca and Damschroder agree. The use of representation and warranty insurance, which provides coverage for the breach of a representation or warranty, in a purchase agreement.

    Mueller wants to know more about how and when Trump and his campaign first established a relationship with the NRA, and how Trump ended up as a speaker at the organization's annual meeting in The NRA is under scrutiny from lawmakers for its spending in support of Trump in and its ties to Russian nationals. Trump recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela. Instead, Maduro gave U. The vote was 5 to 4, with the court's five conservative members in the majority and its four liberal members in dissent.

    More than 15, transgender Americans are currently serving in the U. Giuliani originally said that negotiations over the project continued up until the day Trump won, and that Trump remembered having "fleeting conversations" about the deal after the Trump Organization signed a letter of intent. At question is whether or not Trump was engaged in ongoing negotiations with an American adversary while seeking the presidency and advocating that Obama lift sanctions against Russia.

    He went on to say that "there are no tapes, there are no texts, there is no corroboration," because he's personally "been through all the tapes, I have been through all the texts, I have been through all the e-mails, and I knew none existed. This is a wild interview. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has also surpassed the all-time record for time with no on-camera briefings since they began during the Clinton administration.

    Trump directed Sanders "not to bother" with press briefings because "certain members of the press" cover her "rudely" and "inaccurately. Mitch McConnell will introduce two bills to end the government shutdown on Thursday. The other would extend funding for closed agencies through Feb. Trump wanted the Supreme Court to take up the case to determine if he had the authority to end the program that has protected nearly , people brought to the country as children, known as "dreamers.

    A producer from "The Apprentice" contacted one of Trump's closest advisers to set up a meeting with Robert Foresman, who is now chairman of the Swiss bank UBS's investment arm.

    A Russian singer linked to the Trump Tower meeting canceled an upcoming tour of North America over concerns about Mueller's Russia probe. Agalarov's attorney confirmed that the cancellation is "most definitely" linked to Mueller's probe, saying "we don't want him to be subpoenaed or held under a material witness warrant or anything else. The Supreme Court will allow a mysterious foreign-owned company file sealed court documents in an investigation that is believed to be led by Mueller.

    The court did not rule on the merits of the company's argument. The top diplomat in charge of European affairs at the State Department resigned , citing personal and professional reasons. Wess Mitchell's last day as assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs is Feb. Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts have been posting altered photos that make him look thinner and his hands bigger.

    At least three different photos appear to have been doctored to make Trump look more fit. Trump's hair and shoulders have been touched up, as well as his fingers, which were made slightly longer. Trump is preparing two different State of the Union speeches — one to be delivered to Congress in the House chamber where he's been disinvited by Nancy Pelosi, and another for a political rally outside of Washington, D.

    A statement from Peter Carr, a spokesman for Mueller, called the report's "description of specific statements to the Special Counsel's Office" and the "characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office" as it related to Cohen's Congressional testimony "not accurate.

    According to different anonymous people who claim to be familiar with the matter, "Mueller's denial […] aims to make clear that none of those statement in the story are accurate.

    Trump thanked Robert Mueller for the statement , tweeting that he "appreciate[s] the special counsel coming out with a statement last night" about what he called "a total phony story. BuzzFeed insisted that their reporting is "solid" and "accurate. My sources are solid. This reporting is accurate," adding that he has received "further confirmation" that the report is accurate. We're being told to stand our ground. Rudy Giuliani said conversations between Trump and Michael Cohen about building a Trump Tower in Moscow "went on throughout […] probably up to, could be up to as far as October, November.

    Cohen later pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the deal, saying efforts continued through June before it fell apart — a month after Trump had secured the Republican Party's presidential nomination. The proposal to end the government shutdown — now in its 31st day — was immediately rejected by Democrats and mocked by conservatives as "amnesty.

    The FDA has called back about furloughed investigators and 35 supervisors for domestic food surveillance inspections. The FDA's Scott Gottlieb said the agency is "targeting the riskiest products to make sure that Americans remain protected" during the shutdown. Trump averaged nearly 5. Researchers discovered as many as 20 undisclosed ballistic missile sites in North Korea. The Kim regime has never admitted the existence of the bases.

    Kamala Harris announced she is running for president in The California senator joins a Democratic field that includes Sen. Beto O'Rourke, and Joe Biden are all expected to announce their bids in the coming weeks. The Trump administration's deal to lift sanctions against a Russian oligarch contains provisions that will allow Oleg Deripaska to wipe out of hundreds of millions of dollars in debt while leaving him and his allies with majority ownership of his company.

    Senate Republicans threatened to use the "nuclear option" to quickly confirm Trump's nominees , which an emphasis on confirming judges to lifetime appointments. Trump honored Martin Luther King, Jr. He laid a wreath at the base of a sculpture of King and thanked reporters for being there. According to my publishing schedule , I wasn't supposed to publish today. However, a lot happened since Friday and I wanted to make sure we captured the big updates.

    Cohen and Trump had at least 10 face-to-face meetings about the deal during the campaign. Cohen acknowledged to Robert Mueller's team that he had given false testimony to the Senate and House intelligence committees that the Moscow tower negotiations ended in January were an attempt to "minimize links between the Moscow Project" and Trump "in hopes of limiting the ongoing Russia investigations.

    Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. The revelation marks the first time Trump is known to have directly — and explicitly — ordered one of his subordinates to lie about his dealings with Russia. House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff said "we will do what's necessary to find out if it's true" and that allegations that Trump "may have suborned perjury before our committee in an effort to curtail the investigation and cover up his business dealings with Russia is among the most serious to date.

    Jerry Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, tweeted that the panel's "job is to get to the bottom of it, and we will do that work," adding: An explosive report that Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress provides a straightforwardly impeachable offense.

    Why, if there was nothing worrisome or untoward about Trump's dealings with Russia, would he instruct Cohen to lie to about the depth and breadth of the conversations between the Trumps and the Russians regarding a potential construction project in Moscow?

    Starting the process will rein in a president who is undermining American ideals—and bring the debate about his fitness for office into Congress, where it belongs. The wife of acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker sent an email to a reporter saying Mueller's investigation is "wrapping up.

    She objected to the reporter's suggestion that Whitaker should recuse himself from the Mueller investigation.

    Marci Whitaker added that the government shutdown is affecting her family's ability to earn a living. Trump was reportedly "startled" and "caught off guard" that Barr has a warm relationship with Mueller. Trump complained to aides that he didn't realize Barr and Mueller have worked together for 30 years.

    Separately, Rudy Giuliani issued a statement that "Any suggestion— from any source— that the President counseled Michael Cohen to lie is categorically false. Nancy Pelosi postponed her official trip to Europe and Afghanistan due to security concerns after Trump divulged the itinerary.

    Trump grounded Pelosi's military flight after speaker of the House requested that Trump postpone his State of the Union address in light of the partial government shutdown. Pelosi is second in line to the presidency. Mitch McConnell blocked another bill to reopen the government , marking the third time he has knocked down House-passed government funding bills.

    McConnell gave no explanation for the move, but he has said over the last few weeks that he will not bring government funding bills to a vote unless the bill is the result of negotiations between Trump and the Democrats. The Justice Department is hiring a pair of attorneys to handle border wall litigation in South Texas. The attorneys likely will deal with eminent domain property seizures for properties in the path of planned wall construction.

    The Trump administration considered speeding up the deportation of migrant children by denying them asylum hearings after separating them from their parents , according to a draft memo. In June, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said the administration did "not have a policy of separating families at the border" — they were just enforcing the law. Trump will meet with Kim Jong Un in late February. It'll be the second time Trump has met with the North Korean leader about eliminating its nuclear arsenal.

    Pence called criticism of his wife's decision to teach at an anti-LGBT Christian school "deeply offensive. The school also requires a a parent agreement, allowing the school to deny admission or kick out students who engages in activities that conflict with a "biblical lifestyle," such as "condoning sexual immorality, homosexual activity or bi-sexual activity.

    In a remarkable interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo on Wednesday night, Giuliani argued that he had only ever said Trump himself had not colluded with Russia during the election, leaving open the possibility that campaign aides could have colluded. Cohen disputed that he handed over a bag of cash, but confirmed that he had hired RedFinch Solutions, adding in a tweet that "what I did was at the direction of and for the sole benefit of realDonaldTrump POTUS.

    Before the administration officially implemented its zero-tolerance policy in the spring of that forcibly separated more nearly 3, children, the staff at the Department of Health and Human Services had noted a "sharp increase" in the number of children separated from a parent or guardian, according to the report.

    He called it a "public relations event. Trump instead called on Pelosi to remain in Washington during the shutdown, but she is welcome to make the trips on commercial flights. The State Department is calling back its furloughed diplomats after finding enough money to cover payroll for two weeks. The 8, employees will still have to wait to get their back pay.

    Since December, Trump's approval is down 18 percentage points among suburban men, down 13 points among white evangelicals, down 10 points among Republicans, and down 8 points among white men without a college degree. Betsy DeVos is recovering in a wheelchair after breaking her pelvis and hip socket in a bicycling accident. She described the recovery as "very painful. More than Republicans joined House Democrats in opposing a Treasury Department plan to lift sanctions against companies controlled by a Putin ally.

    Senate Republicans narrowly blocked a similar measure yesterday. Oleg Deripaska is a Russian oligarch with ties to Paul Manafort. White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett called "the damage" to the economy "a little bit worse" than anticipated, because they miscalculated the rate of damage by failing to account for government contractors.

    Meanwhile, the White House revised estimates from the Council of Economic Advisers, which shows that the shutdown — now in its 26th day — reduces quarterly economic growth by 0. By comparison, last year's economic growth for the first quarter totaled 2.

    The National Air Traffic Controllers Association said that flying is "less safe today than it was a month ago" due to the partial government shutdown. The FAA is trying to recall thousands of workers who had been furloughed that they deem essential to deal with safety concerns.

    Pelosi cited "security concerns" related to the shutdown's effect on the Secret Service. White House officials, meanwhile, are urging Republican senators to not sign a bipartisan letter calling for an end of the government shutdown. Trump is scheduled to deliver his State of the Union address on Jan. The attack comes weeks after Trump claimed the U. An hour after the US-led coalition confirmed that American troops had been killed in an explosion, Pence declared that "the caliphate has crumbled and ISIS has been defeated.

    T-Mobile executives have repeatedly returned to Trump's hotel since, with one T-Mobile executive racking up 10 visits to the hotel between April and July. The hotel is housed in the Old Post Office Building — a government-owned building. The report does not recommend that Trump's lease be canceled. Trump's pick to replace Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA will face questions from lawmakers during his confirmation hearing.

    Andrew Wheeler has been serving as the acting EPA administrator since Pruitt stepped down in July amid numerous ethics investigations. Democrats are expected to ask Wheeler about his connections to coal companies that he represented as a lobbyist, of which Wheeler says he is "not at all ashamed.

    Karen Pence, wife of Mike Pence, started teaching art at a school that discriminates against LGBTQ kids , saying it will refuse admission to students who participate in or condone homosexual activity. The employment application for Immanuel Christian School in Northern Virginia also requires that job candidates sign a pledge not to engage in homosexual activity or violate the "unique roles of male and female.

    A Belarusian woman who claimed to have 16 hours of audio recordings linking Russia to Trump's election will be deported after spending nearly a year behind bars in Thailand. Anastasia Vashukevich pleaded guilty to charges of solicitation and conspiracy in the Pattaya Provincial Court. Vashukevich requested asylum in the U. The audio evidence that Vashukevich claimed to have has never materialized. Trump called a New York Times reporter and defended Russia against claims of election interference the day after he met privately with Putin in July Trump insisted that the call remain off the record while arguing that the Russians had been falsely accused of interfering in the election.

    Trump and Putin have met five times in private and the U. Senate Republicans blocked a Democratic effort to enforce sanctions against Russian companies controlled by a Putin ally , despite a group of 11 GOP senators joining Democrats in the vote.

    The vote fell three votes shy of the vote threshold, ensuring that the sanctions on the companies tied to Oleg Deripaska, including the world's second-largest aluminum company, Rusal, will be lifted as part of a deal negotiated by the Treasury Department.

    Paul Manafort worked with unknown intermediaries to get people appointed in the Trump administration in January The former Trump campaign chairman continued speaking with the unidentified group of people through February — months after Manafort was indicted by Mueller's prosectors.

    Konstantin Kilimnik "appears to be at the heart of pieces of Mueller's investigation" into Russian interference in the election. Kilimnik is a Russian tied to Moscow's intelligence services and is connected to Manafort. Prosecutors filed a page affidavit from an FBI agent, and another blacked-out exhibits, after a federal judge ordered them to lay out the "factual and evidentiary basis" for their claims that Manafort repeatedly lied after his plea deal and as a result had breached his cooperation agreement.

    Rick Gates told Mueller about the Trump campaign's dealings with Psy Group, which plotted "social media manipulation" during the campaign. The former Trump campaign aide had requested proposals from Psy Group to help Trump during the campaign, which included creating fake social media accounts to engage voters and Republican campaign delegates.

    It's unclear if the campaigns were ever carried out for Trump. Without a deal, a U. National security officials believe that Russia is focused on undermining the alliance so Putin could have the freedom to behave as he wishes.

    The request was made after Trump submitted written answers to a limited number of questions from Mueller's office focusing on the period before Trump was in office. The two sides are reportedly at an impasse, with no meaningful discussion in roughly five weeks. Cohen is scheduled to speak in a public hearing on Feb. A person close to Cohen said "he's going to tell the story of what it's like to work for a madman, and why he did it for so long," adding that Cohen is "going to say things that will give you chills.

    Rick Gates is still cooperating with federal prosecutors on "several ongoing investigations. Mueller has subpoenaed at least three new witnesses associated with Jerome Corsi , a Roger Stone associate.

    Federal prosecutors in Manhattan are looking into whether the Trump inaugural committee misspent funds and if donors tried to buy influence in the White House. Mueller is also looking at the meeting as part of his investigation into whether foreigners contributed money to the Trump inaugural fund and PAC through American intermediaries.

    Inaugural committees are required to document every donation with the Federal Election Commission and those donations are now facing legal scrutiny over who funded them. Federal prosecutors are investigating whether Trump's inaugural committee and a pro-Trump super PAC received illegal donations from individuals from Middle Eastern nations who were hoping to buy influence over U. The inquiry focuses on whether people from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates used straw donors to disguise their donations to the two Trump funds.

    Foreign contributions to federal campaigns, political action committees, and inaugural funds are illegal. The inaugural committee was headed by Thomas Barrack, and Paul Manafort, who was Trump's campaign chairman at the time, believed that Barrack could help raise funds for the super PAC, Rebuilding America Now, which could collect unlimited amounts of money. Barrack said that Manafort viewed the super PAC as an arm of the campaign, despite laws meant to prevent coordination.

    Nearly a quarter of the money was paid to a firm led by a friend of Melania Trump that was formed 45 days before the inauguration. Trump's inaugural committee won't reveal what it's doing with tens of millions of dollars it pledged to charity last year. The rest, it said, would go to charity. The firm was created in December — 45 days before the inauguration. Wolkoff was terminated last week because the Trumps were unhappy with the news reports about the contract.

    Here's a few notes from day one of his two-day hearing:. Pledged to allow Mueller to finish his investigation , adding that he wouldn't fire Mueller without cause while vowing that he "will not be bullied" by Trump. Would not commit to recusing himself from overseeing Mueller , while defending his unsolicited memo criticizing Mueller's examination of whether Trump obstructed justice. He called the memo "entirely proper" and said that instead of following the advice of the Justice Department's ethics office, the decision would be his own.

    Suggested that Mueller's final report may not be made public , saying but attorney general will produce his own report to Congress based Mueller's "confidential" findings. Barr said intends to be as transparent as possible, but that he would not let the White House edit or change it, as Rudy Giuliani has suggested. Views Mueller as a fair-minded investigator. Mueller would be involved in a witch hunt," he said. Can "conceive of situations" in which a journalist could be held in contempt when asked if the Justice Department will jail reporters for "doing their jobs.

    Wouldn't direct federal prosecutors to target marijuana sales in states that have legalized the drug , breaking with Jeff Sessions's stance. A federal judge ordered the Trump administration to remove a citizenship question from the census. The case is likely headed to the Supreme Court. Critics accused the Trump administration of trying to turn the census into a tool to advance Republican political fortunes by to reapportioning seats in the House of Representatives in , which could affect Congress, the Electoral College, and thousands of state and local political districts.

    Trump ordered thousands of furloughed federal employees back to work without pay to limit the impact of the shutdown that's now entered its 25th day. House Republican leaders stripped Rep. Steve King of his seats on the Judiciary and Agricultural Committees after he rhetorically questioned how "white nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive? Meanwhile, NBC News initially advised staffers not to refer to King's comments about white supremacy as "racist.

    Mitch McConnell blocked a House-passed package to reopen the federal government for a second time. One bill would fund the Department of Homeland Security through Feb. House Democrats turned down an invitation to have lunch with Trump at the White House , saying the meeting would be little more than a photo op benefiting Trump.

    More than 40, immigration court hearings have been canceled due to the shutdown. The Pentagon has directed additional funds to extend troop deployment at the U. A federal judge refused to force the government to pay federal employees who are working without pay during the partial government shutdown , rejecting arguments from labor unions that unpaid work violates labor laws and the Constitution.

    The Trump administration doubled the estimated cost of the government shutdown to a 0. If the shutdown lasts through January, it could subtract a half a percentage point from the gross domestic product. Rand Paul will travel to Canada for a hernia surgery. While Shouldice Hernia Hospital is privately owned — like most Canadian hospitals — it receives a majority of its funding from the Ontario government. Paul once called the idea of a national public health care system "slavery.

    Ivanka Trump will help select the next head of the World Bank. She will not be a candidate herself, but she will assist Steve Mnuchin and Mick Mulvaney in choosing a successor to Jim Yong Kim, who abruptly announced his resignation last week, three years before his term was set to expire.

    Trump served "great" "American fast food paid for by me" to Clemson University's football team. The menu consisted of more than burgers from "McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King's with some pizza," Trump told reporters.

    Law enforcement officials became concerned that if Trump had fired Comey to stop the Russia investigation, his behavior would have constituted a threat to national security. Counterintelligence agents were also investigating why Trump was acting in ways that seemed to benefit Russia. No evidence has publicly emerged — yet — that Trump was secretly taking direction from Russian government officials.

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders called the report "absurd" and claimed that, compared to Obama, "Trump has actually been tough on Russia. On at least one occasion in , Trump confiscated the notes from his interpreter and told the interpreter not to discuss the details of his Putin conversation with other administration officials.

    As a result, there is no record of Trump's face-to-face interactions with Putin at five locations from the past two years. Instead, he called the question from Jeanine Pirro "the most insulting thing I've ever been asked.

    The report notes that the Kremlin was fine with Torshin and Butina's courtship of the NRA because those relationships would be valuable if a Republican was elected president in Graham proposed that Trump agree to reopen the government for about three weeks, and if no deal were made in that time, Trump could then declare a national emergency to obtain funding for a border wall without congressional action.

    Last week, Trump floated the ideal of declaring a national emergency to direct the military to start construction of the wall, but today he claimed "I'm not looking to call a national emergency.

    This is so simple you shouldn't have to. Trump is "not going to budge even 1 inch" on the shutdown , according to a person close to Trump. Democrats, meanwhile, are unlikely to give ground to Trump as the record-setting partial government shutdown drags on. Trump to Mick Mulvaney: Despite the shutdown, the Trump administration is continuing work on opening up more Arctic lands in Alaska to oil drilling.

    The Bureau of Land Management has moved ahead with a series of public meetings to expand oil development in the million-acre National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. Although he offloaded the daily management of his assets to his sons, he maintained ownership of his businesses.

    A federal judge in California blocked Trump administration rules that would allow more employers to avoid providing women with no-cost birth control in 13 states and the District of Columbia. Judge Haywood Gilliam issued a preliminary injunction to prevent the rules from taking effect as scheduled today.

    The injunction limited the scope of the ruling to the plaintiffs, preventing the rules from going into effect nationwide. Trump's nominee to replace Brett Kavanaugh on the federal bench questioned whether victims of date rape were partly responsible if they'd been drinking. Trump threatened to "devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds" following the U.

    Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu blasted Trump's "threatening language" saying that his country was "not going to be scared or frightened off," adding: The Pentagon offered some general options, including a cross-border airstrike on an Iranian military facility that would have been mostly symbolic.

    The House and Senate, however, both passed a measure to ensure that federal workers who are furloughed receive back pay once the government reopens, which now goes to Trump for his signature. The House also passed another bill to reopen more government departments, but is likely DOA in the Senate because of a veto threat from Trump. The second-longest shutdown stretched for 21 days from December until January , due to a dispute between Bill Clinton and the Republican-led Congress at the time.

    In particular, more than 24, FAA employees, including air traffic controllers, are working without pay, since their positions are considered vital for "life and safety," and more than 17, other have been furloughed — told to stop doing their jobs.

    Federal crop payments have stopped flowing to farmers , who say they cannot get federally-backed operating loans to buy seed for their spring planting, or feed for their livestock because of the shutdown.

    Farmers also can't look up government data about beef prices or soybean yields to make decisions about planting and selling their goods. Some farmers have said the loss of loans, payments and other services has pushed them to a breaking point. Food and Drug Administration has curtailed inspections due to the shutdown , while the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry has suspended health exposure assessments. Cash assistance to buy groceries are funded through February.

    White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett compared the shutdown to getting a free "vacation" for furloughed workers and that they might be "better off" after they return to work.

    The money is meant to fund civil works projects, including repairing storm-damaged areas of Puerto Rico through Jared Kushner, meanwhile, has urged Trump to try to find other approaches than declaring a national emergency, but said an emergency should be invoked only if it creates a clear path for the White House to build the wall. Democrats are exploring both legislative and legal options to challenge a possible national emergency declaration. Trump has more recently resorted to a baseless claim that Mexico will now indirectly pay for the wall through the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which has not been ratified by Congress, and contains no provisions earmarking money for the wall.

    Military officials have refused to provide details about specific timetables or movements, but a spokesperson said "the process of our deliberate withdrawal from Syria" has begun. The United States approved thousands of child bride requests over the past decade. From through , there were 5, approvals for those seeking to bring minor spouses or fiancees, and 2, approvals by minors seeking to bring in older spouses.

    The Immigration and Nationality Act does not set minimum age requirements, and U. Citizenship and Immigration Services goes by whether the marriage is legal in the home country.

    Rudy Giuliani thinks Trump's legal team should be allowed to "correct" Robert Mueller's final report before Congress or the American people get the chance to read it. Giuliani went on to call it "a matter of fairness," because the special counsel "could be wrong. Steve King doesn't understand why the phrases "white nationalist" and "white supremacist" have "become offensive.

    The bills had passed the House. McConnell said he will not consider any shutdown-related bills he doesn't believe Trump would sign.

    If an agreement can't be reached, said Trump, "probably I will do it — I would almost say definitely. Trump's former personal attorney said he appreciates the opportunity "to give a full and credible account" of the time he worked for Trump. Cohen will also answer questions from lawmakers about the Russia investigation during a closed-door session. Tony Fabrizio was interviewed by Mueller's team in February ; the meeting went unreported until now.

    The interview is significant in light of recent revelations that Mueller has been investigating Manafort's sharing of polling data with an associate tied to Russian intelligence. Scientists say the oceans are warming at a much faster rate than previously thought. The rising temperatures are killing off marine wildlife, and rising sea levels are making hurricanes more destructive. Steven Mnuchin delivered a classified briefing to Congress on his decision to lift sanctions on companies linked to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

    The briefing came after the chairs of seven House committees sent a letter to the Treasury Secretary and former Trump campaign finance chair demanding to know more about the decision. Trump canceled a trip to Davos for the World Economic Forum , blaming "the Democrats [sic] intransigence on Border Security and the great importance of Safety for our Nation.

    He reportedly left after Nancy Pelosi reiterated she wouldn't fund his border wall. In a tweet, Trump called the meeting "a total waste of time," writing: I said bye-bye, nothing else works! According to court filings, Mueller subpoenaed "Company A," but the company insists it has immunity and that complying with the subpoena would violate the laws of its home country.

    The court offered no explanation as to why it declined to intervene in the case. The company is believed to be a foreign financial institution. It is unclear whether the firm is currently representing "Company A," the country that owns "Company A," or the regulators of that country. Mnuchin has argued the move keeps Deripaska on a blacklist of sanctioned oligarchs, but Democrats say the deal allows Deripaska to maintain "significant ownership" of one of the companies.

    He will likely remain on the job until Mueller completes his investigation or after a new attorney general is confirmed. There has been no indication that Rosenstein is being forced out by the Trump administration.

    There are important things we are not doing. TSA officers have started quitting their jobs after being forced to work without pay during the shutdown. JBS is one of the largest meatpacking companies in the world and has roughly 73, employees and 44 plants in the U. Eastern , during which he will discuss the ongoing partial government shutdown and the southern U.

    A response from Congressional Democrats will follow. Trump has made 1, false statements about immigration since taking office. The exchange was inadvertently revealed when Manafort's lawyers failed to fully redact Manafort's interview with Robert Mueller in a court filing. Manafort's attorneys meant for Mueller's line of questioning to remain private, but the text in question was easily readable when opened with a word processor.

    Veselnitskaya is the Russian lawyer who met with top Trump campaign officials at Trump Tower in The case in question isn't directly related to the Trump Tower meeting and instead involves a scheme to launder dirty money through New York real-estate purchases. The indictment says Veselnitskaya covertly drafted an "intentionally misleading" response, which constitutes obstruction of justice.

    While more coal plants are shutting down, demand for electricity is on the rise—and the Trump administration continues to roll back environmental regulations meant to speed the growth of renewable energy. The Trump administration quietly downgraded the diplomatic status of the European Union's delegation last year without formally announcing the decision or informing the E.

    The classification was temporarily reversed after Brussels scheduled a meeting with the administration to discuss the move. The Justice Department is attempting to delay the testimony of Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker until next month, after a permanent replacement has been chosen.

    Justice Department officials cited the ongoing government shutdown and Whitaker's busy schedule as reasons why his testimony to the House Judiciary Committee should be delayed. A little over 10 percent of IRS employees are still on the clock through the partial government shutdown attempting to implement the sweeping Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of The effort adds to bureaucratic backlog as the shutdown drags into its 17th day.

    Congress has never let SNAP funding run out. The White House refused to detail how the requested funding would be spent or why the amount is larger than what the administration requested a few months ago. Members of Congress made no progress in negotiations over the weekend. Eastern slot, but producers have not yet decided whether or not they will do so.

    Jim Yong Kim was nominated in by President Obama, and his early departure grants Trump the power to nominate a successor. Kim gave no reason for his sudden resignation. The CEO of the Bank will take over on an interim basis. Ruth Bader Ginsburg missed oral arguments at the Supreme Court for the first time in more than 25 years as she recovered from surgery.

    It is not clear when she will return to the bench, but a spokesperson said Ginsburg, 85, continues to work from home as she recuperates. Doctors removed two cancerous growths from her lungs on December Jack Keane also turned Trump down shortly after Mattis resigned late last month. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will travel to several Middle Eastern nations to reassure America's allies in the midst of a flurry of contradictions and confusion regarding Trump's plan to pull U.

    Congressional Republicans called the effort pointless political theater. The move would sidestep Congress if he doesn't get money for his border wall. During his press conference, Trump acknowledged that he was considering using national emergency powers to get the wall built "for the security of our country. Trump, however, characterized it as a "very, very productive meeting," during a Rose Garden press conference. I don't call it a shutdown. I call it doing what you have to do.

    Rashida Tlaib told supporters: Republicans, meanwhile, seized on the comments, saying it's proof that Democrats are playing politics rather than pursuing oversight. Trump responded to Tlaib's call for impeachment, saying: House Democrats unveiled an ethics reform package that would put new checks on the White House and require Trump to release his tax returns. The legislation is unlikely to be approved by the GOP-held Senate. A watchdog group accused Ivanka Trump of violating a conflict of interest law by participating in the implementation of "opportunity zones," a program that gives tax breaks for investing in economically distressed communities.

    The unemployment rate went up to 3. The slight uptick in the unemployment rate is seen as an increase in job seekers, a positive signal. Trump blamed the recent stock market sell-off on the fact that the Democrats took control of the House.

    In October, Trump blamed Democrats for market turbulence. He has also blamed the Federal Reserve or a "glitch" for recent troubles with the stock market, while claiming credit when stocks are up. A bipartisan pair of Senate lawmakers proposed legislation forcing the Trump administration to take a stronger stance against China. House Democrats filed a motion to intervene in a federal court case in Texas that poses a threat to the Affordable Care Act. Since the Trump administration is not defending the ACA, a coalition of Democratic states is appealing the judge's ruling.

    The move to intervene is largely symbolic, however, and critics say lawmakers would be better off simply passing new legislation to address the issues in the lawsuit. The American man held on espionage charges in Moscow also has British, Canadian and Irish citizenship. Russia arrested Paul Whelan on Dec. Not in itself very newsworthy, but I wanted to pin this in the event Whelan turns out to be a player.

    A federal appeals court sided with the Trump administration on a policy of restricting military service by transgender people. A three-judge panel of the U. Court of Appeals for the D. Circuit overturned a decision by a federal judge in Washington D. Nothing for the wall. Lindsay Graham, meanwhile, has been pressuring Trump to hold firm as well.

    Trump falsely accused Democrats of shutting down the government in order to take the presidency in He went on to praise "all of the achievements of 'Trump. Nobody in the meeting talked about the poster and the White House did not respond to questions about it. Trump issued an executive order freezing federal workers' pay for , after initially announcing a 2. Nancy Pelosi as speaker for a second time.

    The th Congress convened with Democrats taking control of the House and Republicans maintaining control of the Senate. The incoming speaker also added that "everything indicates" that Trump "can be indicted after he is no longer president of the United States. Vice presidents would also be required to turn over the last decade of their tax returns. The documents would then be posted on the FEC's website for the public to view.

    The legislation, however, is not expected to pass the Republican-controlled Senate or signed into law by Trump. Paul Whelan faces 20 years in Russia if convicted. Russia's Interfax news agency said Whelan was arrested on Dec. Whelan's arrest comes weeks after Russian gun rights activist Maria Butina pleaded guilty to conspiring to act as an agent for the Kremlin from until her arrest in July. She agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors.

    The confirmation of 70 of Trump's judicial nominees remains in flux after Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer failed to reach an agreement on how to move the nominations forward. The pending nominations will now be sent back to the White House to be re-nominated. The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to hold an extra-long session at some point in the next few weeks to consider all the remaining nominees who were awaiting a vote on the Senate floor or waiting for a committee vote. The Trump administration is considering a rollback of anti-discrimination rules.

    The rollback would dilute federal rules against discrimination in education, housing and more. The Justice Department is examining whether Ryan Zinke lied to the Interior agency's inspector general investigators — a potential criminal violation. It's the first time Trump has sat down with top congressional leaders of both parties since the shutdown started. Homeland Security officials will brief the top two leaders of each party from both the Senate and the House.

    Let's make a deal? The move, however, lacks support from Senate Republicans and Trump. Trump tried to convince people on Twitter that the Obamas had a foot wall built around their family home in D. Trump abandoned the idea of "a solid concrete wall early on in the administration. Victor Boyarkin said Manafort "owed us a lot of money. And he was offering ways to pay it back.

    Both Boyarkin and Deripaska have been sanctioned by the U. Boyarkin also said he was approached by Robert Mueller's office, which is investigating ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, but he allegedly told investigators "to go dig a ditch.

    Two weeks ago Trump ordered the military to pull out in 30 days. Trump went on to complain about the lack fanfare over his decision to pull the troops out of Syria, tweeting that "If anybody but Donald Trump did what I did in Syria […] they would be a national hero. CPB claimed that agents were not directly targeting the people who were attempting to cross the fence, but rather aiming upwind at another group of migrants who were allegedly throwing rocks at them.

    CPB detained 25 people, including two teenagers. This is the second known occasion during which U. A similar incident occurred in November , into which Mexico later called on the U.

    The fumes were carried by the breeze toward unarmed families hundreds of feet away. Mexico's Interior Ministry said around migrants were involved in the march for faster processing of asylum claims for Central American migrants, but it was a smaller group of migrants who broke away and tried the train crossing. The border was shut down in both directions for several hours. Trump blamed Democrats for the two Guatemalan children who died while in U.

    Border Patrol custody , claiming the deaths are "strictly the fault of the Democrats and their pathetic immigration policies.

    New Jersey prosecutors have evidence that supervisors at Trump's Bedminster golf club may have committed federal immigration crimes. The FBI and Mueller have been involved in the in the inquiry. New York Daily News. Trump attacked retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal, saying he "got fired like a dog" and that McChrystal is a "big, dumb mouth.

    Mitt Romney savaged Trump's leadership, saying he "has not risen to the mantle" of his office and his "words and actions have caused dismay around the world," in a Washington Post op-ed. Trump responded by tweeting: He should be happy for all Republicans. Trump averaged 15 false claims a day in When began, Trump had made 1, false and misleading claims. By the end of the year, Trump had accumulated more than 7, untruths during his presidency — or about 5, false or misleading claims in alone.

    Trump wished "the haters" and "the fake news media" a happy new year, urging them to "calm down and enjoy the ride. It's nice to be back after a weird, quasi-break. I've included whatever worthwhile updates from the past five days or so in today's post. Season 3, Episodes to begins January 20th here's a link to Season 1 and Season 2.

    I'm looking forward to sharing my plan with y'all, which includes more ways for members to get involved and become the media. Shoutout to the members who make this whole thing possible with their generous contributions. Confusingly, Trump called "closing the Southern Border a 'profit making operation. Office of Personnel Management also suggested that the nearly , workers who have either been furloughed or asked to work without pay to "please consult with your personal attorney" for any required legal advice during the partial government shutdown.

    After nearly a decade of restrictions, the plan represents a major shift in the way the federal government calculates the costs and benefits of air pollutants and would weaken the ability of the EPA to impose new regulations in the future by giving less weight to the potential health gains of curbing pollutants. Mueller has collected nearly four million pages of material from the email and social media accounts in the case against the Internet Research Agency, an alleged Russian state-controlled troll farm.

    The IRA's lawyer, Eric Dubelier, questioned how there could be any national security concerns related to a nude selfie. Dubelier also represents Concord Management and Consulting LLC, which prosecutors alleged is controlled by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a businessman close to Putin with key ties to Russia's military and political establishment. Prigozhin is also known as "Putin's Chef. The impasse has left about , federal workers working without pay and another , furloughed.

    Trump told reporters that he'll do "whatever it takes" to fund the wall he once claimed Mexico would pay for. Justice Department attorneys representing Trump asked a federal appeals court to indefinitely postpone all filings in the lawsuit alleging that Trump is illegally profiting from foreign officials' use of the Trump International Hotel in Washington. Navy SEAL team deployed in Iraq , which violated combat operational security by posting the faces and location of the special operations unit.

    Trump's trip to Iraq, his first to a war zone as president, was supposed to be a secret for security reasons, but a Twitter user in Germany posted that he had tracked an aircraft that could be Air Force One, while a British-based Flickr user later posted a photo of the plane flying through clear skies over Yorkshire.

    The clandestine trip came a week after Trump ordered the Pentagon to withdraw roughly 2, U. Trump authorized a raise that amounts to 2. To be considered an Academic All-American, a student-athlete must have at least a 3. Additionally, around the same period of late August or early September , electronic eavesdropping by an Eastern European intelligence agency picked up Russians remarking that Cohen was in Prague. The cell phone and eavesdropping evidence was shared with Robert Mueller.

    Trump's lawyer "vehemently" denied working with Russia to disrupt the election. Michael Cohen gave Congress a point-by-point rebuttal of the page dossier compiled by retired British spy Christopher Steele, which alleges he has deep ties to Russian officials. Cohen denied the dossier's claims, including that he had secret meetings in Prague with a Russian official last summer. Robert Mueller has evidence that Michael Cohen made a secret trip to Prague during the presidential campaign , entering through Germany in "August or early September.

    Cohen has denied that he has ever been in Prague and that he colluded with Russia during the campaign. Democrats will take control of the House on Jan. This is the third shutdown of , with Mick Mulvaney, acting chief of staff and director of the Office of Management and Budget, predicting that "it's very possible" the shutdown will extend into the new year. Customs and Border Protection custody — the second death of an immigrant child in the agency's care this month.

    The boy showed "signs of potential illness" on Monday and was taken to a hospital in New Mexico where hospital staffers diagnosed the child "with a common cold, and when evaluated for release, hospital staff found a fever.

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg was discharged from the hospital and is recuperating at home after having two cancerous nodules removed from her left lung. Trump asked a 7-year-old if she was "still a believer" in Santa Claus. Brett McGurk described Trump's decision as a "shock. Trump has at least twice in the past few weeks lashed out to his acting attorney general , complaining that the prosecutors Matt Whitaker oversees filed charges that made him look bad.

    Agencies in charge of federal parks, law enforcement, taxes and transportation ran out of money Friday night. Nearly , federal workers won't work or get paid until a deal can be reached. Several services will be also unavailable, and the impacts will get worse the longer the shutdown lasts. It is "very possible" the partial government shutdown will continue into next year and into the new Congress.

    The National Christmas Tree, however, may stay dark during the shutdown. Trump canceled his planned vacation to Florida as , federal employees remain without pay. He spent the morning tweeting his grievances. Trump told advisers he thinks Powell will "turn me into Hoover," a reference to the Great Depression-era president Herbert Hoover.

    Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tweeted a statement from Trump: Mick Mulvaney claimed that "it's not at all unusual for a president to complain about the actions of the Federal Reserve chairman. The CEOs who spoke with Mnuchin said they were "totally baffled" by the session, finding the encounter puzzling and unnecessary.

    Trump tweeted that Mattis was retiring "with distinction" at the end of February, but after reading the general's resignation letter, Trump announced that he was removing Mattis from his post by Jan. Funding for several key government agencies will lapse at midnight.

    Despite the Senate narrowly passing a procedural vote to begin debate on the House funding bill. That vote passed , with Mike Pence breaking the tie.

    Senators have also been told to go home.

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